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Sapna Communication Prt. Ltd. provides certain services to its customers and is a Corporate Business Correspondent. As per the extant RBI guidelines on Know Your Customer ('KYC') and under Rule 2(d) of the Prevention of Money Laundering Rules 2005,
it is enabling PPBL with facilitating collection.

GoKyc, One97's flagship brand, is India's largest digital goods and mobile commerce platform - inspired and driven by a commitment to great consumer experience.
GoKyc is also a leading payment solutions provider to E-commerce merchants using its RBI approved semi-closed wallet.

GoKyc has now launched an electronic, Aadhaar-based KYC authentication system in an attempt to help in upgrading limit of Paytm e-wallet limit and cash back.
With this, the customers will able to maintain a balance of upto Rs.1,00,000 and get upto Rs. 7,000 cash back.

Payout structure: Fixed and Additional Variable Payout on Per successfully KYC Registration & Other Variable Jobs based on nature of the project. (Only Biometric KYC allowed to Partner).

We are sharing the details below where we are looking for a partner or vendor for PAN India level.

India's largest mobile payment and commerce platform Paytm has announced Aadhaar Earn KYC (Earn-Know Your Customer) to make customer verification process convenient, paperless and real-time.

Earn Kyc is one of the 11 entities that got approval for payment banks from Indian Govt.

KYC Agent Onboarding Guidelines

  1. Timely Weekly payments for all successful KYCs,

  2. A thorough training and branding material will be provided by us to the KYC executive

  3. The KYC upgrade is free of cost to the Paytm customers


An Associate can employ as many Agents as he wants to but the Agents should be registered with Mahavir Group inc.
KYC can be done for any customer .

If we find cases where agents are clicking random photos instead of KYC form, strict action will be taken against both agent and agency leading to blacklisting of them

For any queries and clarifications regarding technical requirements, on-boarding process and financial benefits, kindly send your interest on the e-mail id given below.

Feel free to call and if you have any query then leave your mail id or we will share project details as soon as posible.